• A widow in her seventies wrote a letter to her husband
    Elderly Widow Learns Korean Alphabet, Writes to Dead Husband
    A widow in her seventies learns the Korean alphabet, to then write a letter to her deceased husband. Netizens are moved to tears.
  • ‘Chicken University’ Aspires to Beat McDonald’s Hamburger Uni
    A famous chicken franchise company has founded a 'Chicken University'. The company aspires to advance beyond McDonald's by training its franchise owners.
  • Ex-dictator Received by Honor Guard. Netizens Stunned
    Disbelief as former dictator Chun Doo-hwan appears at a military parade saluting young cadets. Furious netizens condemn his move as 'treason'.
  • Ladygate: ‘Cup Noodle Girl’ Divides Netizen Opinion
    This week's Ladygate comes under the form of a girl eating cup noodles on the metro, causing both outrage and sympathy amongst netizens.
  • Look at my soju! Look at it!
    Korean Soju is World’s Most Popular Spirit
    A Korean soju brand tops the list of the world's most-consumed spirits. Number two is vodka, number three is another soju brand.
  • ‘Betrayer Bastard’ Lawmaker Re-tweets North Korean Content
    Lim Su-kyung is branded a 'commie' for re-tweeting North Korean content after her earlier outburst at Josep Paek. Netizens outraged at her pro-North stance.
  • ‘Neo-McCarthyism’ Engulfing Korean Politics, Netizen Reactions
    The bitter dispute over lawmakers sympathetic towards North Korea continues between the opposing parties. Netizens react to claims of 'neo-McCarthyism'.
  • President Myung-bak Lee gave a speech at the Memorial Day event on the 5th of June.
    President Criticizes North Korea Sympathizers at Memorial Event
    With the political spotlight focusing on the apparent existence of pro-North Korean lawmakers, the President did not hold back from sharing his views on them.
  • Screenshot from MBC Documentary
    Expats Protest in Response to MBC Video, Netizens React
    Netizens react to last week's MBC report that caused outrage amongst many foreign expats in Korea.
  • News Anchor Speaks Out on Media’s Political Neutrality
    As one of Korea's biggest broadcasters continue to strike over political bias, top news presenter Bae Hyun-jin explains why she will no longer join unionists.
  • Hair Ripping Girl
    Ladygate: ‘Hair Ripping Girl’ is Identified After Attack
    In a recent addition to the 'Ladygate' series, the identity of 'Hair Ripping Girl', who attacked a Unified Progressive Party delegate last month, is revealed.
  • Korean Gamers Overload Servers of Recently Released Game
    Thousands upon thousands of Korean players simultaneously play Diablo 3 online, overloading the Asian Diablo 3 server, causing logon problems.
  • Ladygate: ‘Date Girl’ Picks up Coffee Bill, Feels Cheated
    A Korean woman upset at her date for making her buy coffee has her KakaoTalk conversation published online.
    Political Party Seeks US Forces Withdrawal, Netizens Unconvinced
    Netizens react to recent statements by the troubled United Progressive Party over revision of stance on US troop withdrawal from South Korea, party factions clash.
  • Lim Soo-kyung at a Pyongyang festival
    Politician Tells North Korean Defector He Betrayed His Country
    Scandal erupts as politician insinuates to North Korean defector he has betrayed his home country. Enraged netizens label her a 'communist'.
  • Response to Homosexuals Joining Police Sparks Controversy
    The National Police Association quotes legislation in response to a question about gays being allowed to join the police force. Netizens react to ambiguity.
  • Controversial Military ‘Sandbag Puppy’ Assault Video
    A manhunt is on for what would appear to be a solider after he is filmed stringing up and beating a puppy like a punchbag.
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