• Ilbe screenshot
    Netizen Explains Roots of Korean Conservative Online Community
    Ilbe emerged as an influential conservative online community throughout the presidential election campaign. A netizen explains its history and identity.
  • Man dies trying to save wife from fire
    Man Dies Trying To Save Wife From Fire
    A man from Sejong City, trying to rescue his wife from their burning house, succumbs to the fire.
  • Teens ask for face rating online
    Korean Teens Ask ‘Please Rate My Face’ on Online Community
    An online community board is among the many that caters for appearance-conscious teens who seek 'objective face ratings' - seen as a reflection of adult lookism.
  • Park Geun-hye Elected South Korean President, Netizen Reactions
    Park Geun-hye from the conserative Saenury Party is the president-elect. Netizens have been pouring out divided opinions on the soon-to-be president of Korea.
  • South Korean Presidential Election Debates, Netizen Reactions
    Translated Korean netizen reactions, internet memes, parodies, and jokes related to the 2012 South Korean presidential election race and its three heated debates.
  • south-korean-presidential-debate-meme
    Scandal Threatens Park Geun-hye’s South Korean Election Lead
    New scandals about illegal election activities by the Saenuri Party threaten Park Geun-hye's slim lead over Moon Jae-in in the South Korean presidential elections.
  • North Korea Launches Rocket, South Korean Netizens React
    North Korea defies the international community and successfully launches a rocket. Netizens try guess the outcome of next week's presidential elections.
  • drunk-man-fondles-girl-on-seoul-metro
    Man Tries to Take Advantage of Drunk Girl on Seoul Subway
    A middle-aged man takes advantage of a very drunk girl the Seoul Metro by leaning on her and putting his arm round her, seemingly intending to sexually assault her.
  • australian-police-respond-to-korea-on-racist-attacks
    Australian Police Apologise to Korean Assaulted in Melbourne
    Australian Police have responded to an official complaint about the investigation of a brutal assault on a Korean student, by pledging to reinvestigate the incident
  • Psy anti-American protest
    Psy Apologises for Anti-American Song, Korean Netizens React
    Netizens divided over Psy's recent apology in America for having sung anti-American songs in 2004.
  • photos-of-park-geun-hye-rally-in-seoul-doctored
    Park Geun-hye Rally Photo Doctored Ahead of Election
    Netizens are outraged as a photo of a rally in support of presidential candidate Park Geun-hye is doctored showing more people than actually showed up.
  • park-geun-hye-dictators-daughter-strongmans-daughter-time-magazine
    TIME Changes Headline on Park Geun-hye Cover, Netizens React
    Park Geun-hye's campaign misinterprets the use of the word 'strongman' on her TIME magazine cover, prompting a change in the headline to the unambiguous 'dictator'
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  • Political cartoon by Lee Hee-jae in the liberal-leaning Hankyoreh, a leading South Korean newspaper.
    Can Korea Become a Welfare State? Netizens Discuss
    With the election imminent, welfare continues to be one of the central campaign issues across all parties. But just what is the state of Korea's welfare system?
  • Elderly hikers don't yield seat for pregnant woman
    Elderly Hikers Turn Blind Eye to Pregnant Woman in Subway
    A photo showing elderly passengers in hiking clothes chatting away in their seats, while a heavily pregnant woman stands before them in the metro sparks criticism.
  • North Korean Beer Better Than South Korean Beer, Netizens Agree
    South Koreans agree with a report by The Economist that found domestic beer to be low quality, some likening it to 'bubbly piss.'
  • Korean brother busted in New York
    Korean-American Prostitution Rings Exposed in New York
    Korean-Americans gets arrested for running prostitution rings in New York. Netizens accuse women who have studied abroad for being promiscuous.
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