Ilbe Presents: The Uniquely Korean “Kimchi-bitch”

In the latest article, koreaBANG presents a popular explanation from Ilbe of the “Kimchi-bitch” phenomenon and its future in South Korea. One of koreaBANG’s first glossary entries defined the “김치걸/김치년”, and we have followed its connection with Ladygates and the mens’ rights movement in South Korea over the past two years. An Ilbe user has even noticed koreaBANG’s coverage and translated some of your comments into Korean. The latest article presents the most in-depth explanation yet in Ilbe’s unique style.

From Ilbe:

In-depth Analysis of the Kimchi Bitch Phenomenon in Korean Society (1)

I tried to comprehensively analyze the prevalent “Kimchi bitch” phenomenon in Korean society beyond the usual shallow gossip. I’m studying anthropology at my university. There was one last course I had to take before graduation—the anthropology of women. Since my career path was already set and it was the last semester of my undergraduate program, I decided to spend the whole semester researching this interesting topic.

For six months, I read 12 books and collected about 90 news articles about the status of women. Based on that material, I analyzed and wrote a term report about the “Kimchi bitch phenomenon.” My professor complimented it and even asked me to present it in class even though we were in the midst of exams. Let me convert it for Ilbe. I will have to burden you with scrolling but please take your time to read this since I worked very hard on it. I hope female Il-gays also read this objectively. Since it was for submission in a course, I did care about objectivity.

What is the Kimchi bitch?

First of all, I wanted to clearly define the term “Kimchi bitch.” If you criticize Kimchi bitches without clear standards, it may lead to blind pussy-hate. You may even end up bashing everything women do. Therefore, we should clarify the definition and bash only those who meet the criteria.

As humankind evolved, men became more suited to hunting while women became better at taking care of the home and children. Men became better at seeing things in a narrow scope but far while women became better at seeing up close but in a broad manager. Can we mock women for being short-sighted in this way? Traditionally, women preferred and married men with higher income and wealth than themselves. The wife depended on her husband’s income, and her in-laws bought a house and a car for the couple. Yay, how nice!

But what happens in the end? Let’s say the in-laws give the couple a house. The house really belongs not to the couple, but to the in-laws because the couple didn’t pay a single penny for it. The in-laws then have the right to meddle in the couple’s affairs. They wouldn’t be blatantly nosy but the situation isn’t comfortable for the woman. Let’s say she has a baby now. It is fucking costly to raise a kid. Would her husband who makes more money quit his job? No, the wife quits her job and she becomes more subjugated to the will of her husband and in-laws. She loses her own name and identity. She ends up living as someone’s wife or mom for the rest of her life.

Nothing is free in this world. You don’t have to make fun of the women who chase after high-earning men for a quick gain. No need to bash them for being gold-diggers. They have to give up other things in return. They may suffer later to the extent they were obsessed with gold-digging. Anyway, in the past, men had most of the wealth and women paid a price for sharing the wealth with men. Things become more interesting from here.


Since the mid 2000’s, this type of madness has become more and more common. In fact, I think that TV discussions showcase the Kimchi bitch phenomenon perfectly, as they summarizes the traits of Kimchi bitches.

1. As men have most of the wealth, women marry for wealth.
2. When a man shares his wealth with his wife, the wife takes care of him in return.

This old equation is collapsing. You know what’s funny? Only number 2 is falling to pieces while number 1 still remains as is, fuck, ke ke ke. Women still think they are entitled to marry financially superior men but they neglect their duty to take care of their spouses.

Why would a woman enjoy her entitlement but not do her part??? Because she thinks she herself is a gift to her man, fuck, ke ke ke. “I let you marry me. I let you have sex with me. I give birth to your children.” Ke ke ke. “I’m doing all this for you. Therefore, you ought to share your wealth with me!”, ke ke ke.

You might have experienced this while drinking with women and talking to them about sex. You have totally seen this, ke ke ke. For those women, sex is not something individuals of both genders find pleasure in doing. They consider it to be an altruistic service provided by women for men, ke ke ke. Among women, they frequently say things like “Never let him have sex with you until at least half a year has passed!”, ke ke ke. Thus, I define Kimchi bitches as follows.

One, they enjoy women’s elevated status but still shift their duties to others. And one, they consider themselves to be too precious and special and have an entitlement issue.

In fact, it wasn’t easy to define them as such. I had to ask myself. Am I being too biased because I am a man myself? Would women say something different? Should I acknowledge different gender responsibilities that stem from physical differences? Maybe what I have read so far biased me in the wrong way? And so on.

In order not to fall into the trap of my own bias and logical fallacies, I strolled around the school playground for two hours every day while seriously pondering the issue. Can you fucking believe it? I thought about this for two hours everyday for half a year. It wouldn’t make sense if it weren’t for my academic curiosity and major. And I have finally come to this conclusion after much contemplation and study.

Criticism of the Kimchi bitch phenomenon doesn’t stem from some extreme misogynist feelings. It is a reality that is very prevalent in our society!

Since the Kimchi bitch phenomenon is so prevalent, many men tend to bash women without fair standards. This makes it easy for the opposing side to label such men as blind misogynists. Then, those Kimchi bitches just get another excuse to refuse to see themselves in the mirror and will keep on acting like bitches. I hope you guys set consistent standards and criticize them logically and rationally. That’s why I’m writing this. If you sit down and think carefully, Kimchi bitches exist no matter how you slice it. If you approach the matter logically, Kimchi bitches cannot refute your argument because it is true after all.

Why has this fucking Kimchi bitch phenomenon emerged?

First of all, let’s take a look at the historical context. Like it or not, the Korean economy, education, administration and law systems adopted many elements from Japanese systems. The details differ but the larger structures are very similar. It seems like China is following our path.

Do you want me to talk about Sushi girls who make you guys drop your pants? In 1945, Japan was owned by Cheonjo Country’s [American] nukes and surrendered. The US dissolved Japanese zaibatsus because they thought the zaibatsu’s technology and conservatism could invoke another war. The US also took away Japan’s power to impose taxes. Holy shit, since they lost the power to impose taxes, the Japanese government tried to directly protect their companies. Japan experienced rapid growth through various development plans led by the government. It was similar to what our Original Gaka [Park Chung-hee] did decades later in Korea by setting up POSCO and economic development plans.

To support a rapidly growing economy, Japan needed a large workforce. They made a shit load of babies back then. The generation born at that time is called “Dankai”, which is similar to our baby boom generation. Their economy grew sooooo fucking much and at one point, Mitsubishi was even able to buy the Rockefeller Center and what not… Then the Oil Shock came. Japan overcame it through supporting small car and distribution industries. However, after the Plaza Agreement, they began to flop. That was around the late 80’s. It is similar to our current situation.

Now look. The Dankai generation created the economic boom and when they began retiring, the recession came. And the birth control policy was put in place before then. Male babies were preferred when the Dankai generation was born. It’s like if they had two sons, they didn’t try to have another child but if they had two daughters, they tried to have another child for a chance at a male baby. Those who were born in the 60’s and 70’s in Japan suffered a disgustingly large gender imbalance. Korea also had a birth control policy in the 80’s and 90’s. “Live happily with two kids with no regard for their gender!” You’ve heard of this slogan, right?

From then on, it was heaven for women. Why? Men basically have sexual needs and want to be desired by women. When there are so many men with few women, pussy-sucking becomes so strong. Women can exploit such men for wealth. During the late phase of the bubble economy in Japan, there was something called “Watanabe Fund.” Men were slaving away to make money that went to their wives who then invested that money into the foreign currency market. That was a huge amount of money in the international market. It’s similar to Korean society where husbands usually bring home the bread while wives manage the household’s finances.

Japanese guys started getting frustrated. In the 90’s, some young men began to be like “Fuck women! I won’t get married!” Then came the herbivore men. And then also the hikikomoris who couldn’t get a job in the recession and couldn’t get married, just like Il-gays. Now, can you relate this to why Kimchi bitches are going strong in Korea these days? It’s like we are going through what happened in Japan 10~15 years ago.

Let me briefly go over what happened in China. Deng Xiaoping reformed and opened China up to the world in 1978. China experienced ultrafast growth in the 90s. Since they already had a very large population, they implemented the one-child policy. Their second children couldn’t even get registered as Chinese citizens and sometimes they were sent abroad.

Then what happened? Gender imbalance due to more male babies. You know what’s happening in China right now? Men can’t get married if they don’t own a house. The surge in demand for small houses suitable for newly weds is even distorting the real estate market.

As far as I know, young Chinese women are no better than Kimchi bitches. They could be worse due to their social environment. There was a reality TV show where women openly competed to marry rich guys. It’s a crazy world…

Let’s make something clear at this point. Some Il-gays tend to get a full erection [meaning to get strongly upset or excited, depending on the context] at the claim that Kimchi bitches are on a rampage taking advantage of the gender ratio imbalance. To me, it looks like such guys get pissed off at women acting like “We are precious beings, so serve us well.”

But conversely, you can argue that because there are fewer females, young Korean women can act crazy and stuck up. You can argue that they are really not all that but just because of the current times, they can act like they own the place. They think they are able to date quality guys because they are just as good but that’s not the case. Those bitches wouldn’t even be able to be near guys of such caliber if they were born 10 years ago or 10 years later.

According to what I found from Statistics Korea and newspapers, there is no region in Korea where there are more women than men in the 20-35 age group. Wherever you look, you see more men than women in Korea. No wonder pussy-sucking has become so intense…

Even in your crappy college life, you might have tried to join a student club. Did you find more men or women there? If you go drink, do you see any table where there are like five women and two men? No. What’s chilling is that….there are more men in pubs like that despite the fact that many men hang out in billiard or PC rooms. Moreover, female students stick together in women’s universities and sororities, which makes it even harder for guys to meet girls.

Currently, there are 300,000 more men in their 20s and 30s than women in Korea but in 10 years, it will be 500,000 more. 1 in 5 men won’t be able to find a marriage partner. Getting married was something that everyone used to do…. men will have to suck pussies like crazy so that they don’t fall behind in the competition, right?

Do you watch the dating TV show “Couple”? Did you notice that they always put a few less women than men? Ke ke. That’s a similar context. Female viewers get vicarious satisfaction from watching those men sucking pussies hard, ke ke.

1. “As a woman, I don’t want to be discriminated against.” (Protection of rights)

2.” As a woman, I want special treatment or pussy-sucking.” (Less duty or responsibility)

The demand exceeds the supply so the women’s value is inflated… See? That’s exactly where the concept of the Kimch bitch stems from.

When women are the most annoyed by men?

Female students also answered that they hate hearing insults against women or comments like “Women are supposed to be….” They feel repulsed by comments that stem from sexism or unrealistic machismo. They also feel upset when their date doesn’t walk them home or tells them to pay for dates. While they protest at sexual discrimination, they also get upset when men don’t treat them as “women”. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical? Ji-ae explained, “In my opinion, it is because women in their early or mid 20s haven’t established a consistent value system yet. Honestly, if a man is interested in dating me, I think he should ask me out for a meal and pay for it. That feels like an indication of whether or not he is interested in me.”

Three-line summary up until now:

1. The Kimchi bitch is the young woman in modern Korean society who regards herself too highly and ignores her duties while only advocating her rights.
2. Kimchi bitches do exist. Considerably many at that. Don’t feel guilty when you have to bash them.
3. The severe gender imbalance turned the young women in Korean society crazy.

From Ilbe:

In-depth analysis of the Kimchi bitch phenomenon in Korean society (2)

One of the most common criticisms about my first post was that the gender imbalance is NOT the main cause of the Kimchi bitch phenomenon. I expected such comments. In fact, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about it. Let me explain why I put the gender imbalance problem at the front. The commentators picked reasons like these.

1. Confucian value that men should protect women.
2. Popular media consumed and controlled by women.
3. Victim complex transferred to younger women from women of the traditional older generation.

Of course, these all make sense. A social phenomenon is often due to multiple complex causes, which may not offer a single definite answer. I especially agree with No. 2.

Let’s take a look at it from a historical context. No. 1 and 3 have existed for a long time in history. I even read a whole book about Neo-Confucianism in Joseon. It is generally thought that early Joseon promoted Confucianism while suppressing Buddhism. Confucian values and the victim mentality of traditional women have existed for a long time but the question is why the Kimchi bitch phenomenon emerged only after the mid-2000’s.

Commonwealth countries also went through something similar. You guys all know what happened in New Zealand, right? They are not Confucian and their traditional women had much less of a victim mentality. For three months, I focused on the possible causes in our society. I found it hard to explain why the Kimchi bitch phenomenon is so viral these days without putting the gender ratio into the equation.

And you also might be familiar with China and Japan’s cases. Their gender ratio issue should also be able to explain it well enough.

China’s marriage market: The hypergamous Chinese

A Chinese mother’s 10 requirements for her potential son-in-law

My conclusion is that without using the gender ratio approach, it is hard to explain why women in East Asia have similarly gained so much leverage. Of course, there are many other contributing factors but I’m just talking about what matters fundamentally. I will talk about some other factors so please read this carefully.

Let’s get back to the main discourse. I will explain the situation from an evolutionary, biological and an economic point of view. Let’s take a look at the 1980’s. Korea had a military regime back then. Men practically had a monopoly on economic activities. Since women’s education levels had much improved by then, it was a very abnormal situation, especially compared to our current democratic society. The popular slogan from the birth control policy was “Live happily with two kids with no regard for their gender.” Il-gays over 35 may remember this. However, since men had a monopoly on socioeconomic activities back then, why would they not care about their children’s gender? Having two sons was the best fucking option for them, ke ke ke. Hence, too many male babies were born. I call this a “bubble”.

You know Darwinism, right? When competition gets intense due to an increased group population, inferior traits are eliminated while superior traits survive within the group. That’s the gist of evolution. This isn’t only applicable to biology. It’s also used to explain what happens in the economy, society, civilization, etc. What happened during the 1997 Asian financial crisis? Overextending Korean corporations collapsed as soon as foreign capital was withdrawn. On the other hand, some solid Korean SMEs were able to absorb these companies and grow larger.

Do you often hear that people who got laid off in their 40s open chicken franchises? This stereotype started then. You kow Harim Chicken? They rapidly grew bigger due to all the people who got laid off opening their franchises. During an economic boom, the number of economic entities increases excessively and it eventually creates a bubble. The bubble finally bursts and only the solid ones who survive it grow bigger. This is applicable to our current situation.

Men’s bubble is bursting right now.

Honestly, aren’t you guys fucking struggling? You try hard at all costs not to be part of the bubble. Let’s examine the Korean economy. It is experiencing a crisis. We are trapped in the moderately developed status and if we don’t find new ways to revitalize the economy, we can fall into the long-term recession that Japan has experienced. Just like we competed against Japanese manufacturing industries and achieved rapid growth for two decades, Chinese companies will put our companies in a tough position. The low birth rate and aging population in our country will lead to a diminishing workforce and lower tax revenue. The Korean government is establishing various measures to counter such problems. One of them is the job security policy for women.

Hyeon Oh-seok: “Solving women’s career discontinuity problems is one of the biggest goals of the current government”

Deputy Prime Minister Hyeon Oh-seok is aggressively asserting it these days. He said something similar again in a recent press conference. There are two main problems in the Korean work environment: excessive work hours and a diminishing workforce due to low birth rates. The job security policy for women aims to deal with both problems. They want every woman to work, ke ke ke. There are about 300,000 job openings every year and 5~600,000 students graduate from university every year. Half of them cannot get a full-time job and will have to get a temporary or part-time job. In this situation, they want to forcefully get women employed? In order to do that, they will have to make it hard for men and easy for women. In this context, they strongly oppose the bonus points for men’s military service and create a flextime work policy for women.


As we have seen, young Korean women rather have advantages in terms of equality of opportunity. But leftists always push the propaganda that women are being discriminated against just because there are few female baby boomers born in the 50s and 60s among the high-ranking officials and CEOs. If there were many females in high positions right now, wouldn’t that be really weird? Should they hire housewives of that generation to be politicians and CEOs? Do you see how flimsy those leftists’ claims are regarding discrimination against women and glass ceilings?

This is the reason why conservatives bash Kimchi bitches so hard. Conservatives advocate equality of opportunity. After that, everyone should freely compete for themselves. While equality of opportunity is already secured, Kimchi bitches whine that they are victims and lefist groups pander to such women. No wonder young conservative males shake their head at them…


Three-line summary:

1. From an evolutionary and an economic POVs, a bubble was created for men in the past and they are facing a crisis now.
2. As women’s job participation is promoted as a solution for our economic situation, their worth is inflated and their Kimchification is catalyzed. (They think of themselves too highly.)
3. Men do receive reverse-discrimination. Don’t hesitate to call it out. It is not petty but wise.

From Ilbe:

In-depth analysis of the Kimchi bitch phenomenon in Korean society (3)

In fact, I was hesistant to write Part 3 because it will be about how long the Kimchi bitch phenomenon will last and how we should cope with such a society. This is essentially a matter of personal attitudes and future predictions. Nobody really knows what this will develop into. We will begin to see some changes 3 or 4 years from now and making accurate predictions is hard even for the experts. As for the personal attitude, I’m not your parent or senior in life. I may sound a bit out of line.

This post will be mostly about personal beliefs and philosophy. I will comfortably write whatever comes to mind about the issue. Take it with a grain of salt. Just keep in mind that someone could think of it that way. I expect an outpouring of down-votes for this post, ke ke ke. First of all, let’s think about the future. I don’t think this Kimchi bitch trend will last for long.

We have adopted various social systems from the West, often through Japan. The West developed and improved such systems for 500 years. That’s what we commonly call “advanced culture.” The hot topic of women’s rights in our society is also part of the advanced Western system or awareness. When an advanced system is imported, the people who take it should have the right mindset to internalize it. But I don’t think Korean women’s mindset is mature enough. Whenever I see those girls who get bashed for being Kimchi bitches, I feel pity for them rather than being upset.

As I explained in Part 2, this is the best time ever in history for Korean women to enjoy life and succeed on their own merits. This is a transitional period where job security for women is being emphasized while their responsibilities are put aside. There is no time for them to whine about what their boyfriends don’t buy them or that men have become petty. They gotta take this great chance to succeed. However, some women still complain about glass ceilings and what not. They advocate their rights while turning a blind eye to their duties or responsibilities… When they fail, it is not because of themselves but because the society is putting down women and men care too much about women’s looks….etc. All this bullshit… Some gays asked me what they should say when their female friends or family members complain about glass ceilings. Let me give you an answer.

In my opinion, the glass ceiling exists. However, it isn’t invincible. Let’s say there is a glass ceiling due to some men’s bias. What’s important is whether that ceiling is breakable or not. Think about it. Is it made of diamond? Even if there is such a discriminatory ceiling, you can still break it through your personal efforts.

We have had a female President, Prime Minister, ministers, high-ranking officials, corporation CEOs, etc. The glass ceiling is breakable. Discrimination exists everywhere in various forms after all. If you are ugly, short or poor, you have disadvantages in life. If you are shorter than 160 cm and failed to be promoted in your corporate life, would you blame it all on your height? There are plenty of short and successful people. Would you go ask for a quota promotion system for employees shorter than 160 cm? Students in remote areas are less privileged than the students in the 8 academic districts in Gangnam. Let’s say you are attending a no-name college in the countryside. Would you say “Fuck, only if I lived in one of those 8 academic discricts in Gangnam, I would’ve entered Seoul National University. My life was messed up because of my parents who live in this Samcheonpo hick town!”?

It is a common habit for Kimchi bitches to blame it all on others and society. Kimchi bitches can at least blame others for their own failure while men have to own up to it. In fact, there are quite a few women around me reeking of Kimchi bitchness who blame the glass ceiling. Whenever they complain, there is one example I bring up.

That is the current Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has been governing the world’s largest territory for about 20 years including his career as Prime Minister. Last year, Forbes named him the most powerful man in the world. You guys know the Internet meme for Putin’s charisma, right? How tall do you think he is? 170 cm? 180 cm?

A while ago, a female Korea University student said in a handwritten poster that women are being discriminated against and Park Geun-hye was only able to be the President because of her father. What happened to Putin? Russians are even bigger and taller than us on average. Putin managed to spy as a KGB agent in East Germany and has stayed in power for the longest time in Russia, even longer than Stalin. Your size is dictated by your mindset. Men aren’t necessarily big and women aren’t necessarily small. A large physical stature doesn’t necessarily make one big. Putin is the world’s most powerful 165-cm-tall man.


You see how narrow-minded and one-dimensional that poster girl was? No wonder such women fail more and blame society even more. In Part 2, I explained how leftist traits are linked to Kimchi bitch traits to a degree. The glass ceiling is breakable and many women have destroyed it. In a situation where only half of the new graduates can be hired for full-time positions, if you blame your failure on the glass ceiling, that is too pathetic. Just admit that you are not talented enough.

Wanna talk about career discontinuity problems? I consider the glass ceiling a fucking bullshit excuse but career discontinuity is a real factor that hampers women’s economic participation. However, women tend to bring it on themselves. It’s not something uncontrollable. They can control it through their personal choices.

Have you heard about the ABC rule? They say A-level men marry B-level women and B- level men marry level C women. The level A women and level C men are thus marginalized. Level A women may be Gold Miss professionals while level C men may be farmers or fishermen in the countryside. Women can always marry men who make more money. There are some cases where women are wealthier than men but instead the men are overwhelmingly handsome or highly-educated professionals. If you quantify a person’s stats to give them points, there is almost no possibility for women to get married to men with lower points in modern Korean society.

Let’s say a woman marries a wealthy guy and her in-laws buy a small apartment in Seoul for them. The woman will have to be extra nice to her in-laws. Now she has a baby. It’s very costly to raise a kid. Her husband makes much more money than she does. Who will quit their job to take care of the child? The woman.

And they complain about career discontinuity due to discrimination. They chose that path themselves. If women can be satisfied with men who have a similar level of abilities and looks, they can demand to evenly divide childcare and house work. It’s actually very simple. Most men will be okay with it. Fuck, honestly, most young couples evenly divide childcare and house work even if men make much more money when both work outside the house.

If your family has a dual income, you can afford to have childcare services. Or you can ask your parents or in-laws to take care of your children during the daytime and give them lots of pocket money. In Seocho-gu, the government even gives money to grandparents who take care of their grand children. Independent non-Kimchified women already do what they have to do. Please don’t bullshit about career discontinuity.

You can also look at the career discontinuity issue from a different angle. Poorly educated women with low self-esteem and no skills tend to want to get married, quit their job and focus on childcare and house work as in traditional society. However, the government tells women not to stay at home. This can also put discriminatory pressure on some women, ke ke ke. They just want to stay at home taking care of children instead of getting busy with both work and childcare.

There are many female Ilbe bugs here, right? I want to tell you something. In my first post, I brought up the advantages you guys enjoy because of the imbalanced gender ratio. How long do you think that will last? In fact, it is reasonable to say preference for male babies has completely disappeared since the 2000’s.

Serious problem in domestic adoption: 9 in 10 parents prefer female children. 68% of adopted children are female.

The sex ratio for adopted kids more accurately reflects the gender preference of parents than the sex ratio at birth. The sex ratio at birth in Korea has also returned to a normal ratio. It won’t be long until Korean women’s advantages due to the sex ratio will expire. Then Korean men will be like “We don’t have to suck pussies any more!” I said Korean men are currently facing a harsh situation in this social evolutionary phase. There will come a day when Korean women will have to be judged.

Listen. Investment is usually concentrated in hot industries. Be it the real estate, foreign currency or petrochemical industry. These days a lot of investment goes towards the beauty industry. The most common value with which women represent themselves is physical beauty. Beauty is emphasized so much that women try to invest so much in it. Cosmetic procedures and cosmetics support such efforts. You guys know cosmetic procedures are really popular in Korea, right? The industry is the biggest in the world when it’s divided by GDP. It is estimated that the cosmetic procedure industry in South Korea accounts for a quarter of the total international industry even though South Korea is a small country with 50 million people and has the 15th largest economy, ke ke ke. Because women’s physical attractiveness gives them great advantages in life these days, everyone is trying to invest in it, ke ke. Korea also has the best mid or low cost cosmetics market. Chinese and Japanese tourists buy Korean cosmetics in bulk when they visit Korea. If you go to Myeong-dong or the Ehwa University district, there are tons of cosmetic shops. Even in America, Korean cosmetics and makeup techniques are being introduced. For BB cream, Korean products rule the international market, ke ke.

I told you how women have good opportunities now in Korea. Being a woman can be a very good pedestal. Jump into society using that pedestal. But since that pedestal is too good, there are a lot of young women who only want to hide behind it and be protected. What a retarded trend…

If you ask girls whether they want to get a degree from SNU and gain the corresponding knowledge or have top celebrity-level looks, then almost all of them would choose the latter. Actually my female junior students at SNU said they want to look like one of my friends who resembles a celebrity even if their education had to stop at high school. Insane. Primitive Korean racial passive for lookism.

The Chinese invented gunpowder, one of the three greatest inventions in the world. However, they mainly used it for fireworks. When gunpower was introduced to the West, they created dynamite. As you guys may know, Nobel invented it. The astronomical fortune he gained is still funding Nobel prizes. Korean women in their 20s are like that. They are playing with fireworks when they can make dynamite, missiles or even nukes. Pathetic. Advanced systems can be accepted only by advanced mindsets.

Have you travelled around Asia? Compared to other Asian countries where people look similar to us, you can see pretty women much more frequently in Korea. People from all over Asia come to Korea to get cosmetic work done or buy cosmetics.

The problem is that Korean women’s beauty is inflated but they aren’t exactly all that overall. It is clearly a bubble. Eventually, it becomes harder to stand out for being pretty. There will come the days when sensible and talented women will be more appreciated even if they are less pretty. Then those vanity-ridden women will fall behind. Just like how men had hard times after the bubble burst.

As women focus on womanly traits, they become more expensive. Their appearance becomes their property. If you are an employer, would you hire such women who should be treated with care or guys you can exploit liberally. Companies pursue profits. No serious corporate would want an employee who emphasizes feminity but lacks skills. You think you have difficulties with employment or promotion because of your appearance? That’s bullshit.

Science journalist Mara Hvistendahl did research on East Asia’s dymanic changes in women’s rights. This is what she mentioned about Korea.

[Translation of translation] Modern Korean women temporarily enjoy their elevated status due to the severe gender ratio imbalance. As marriage for men becomes more difficult, parents use more resources to support their sons than their daughters. Considering parental support and marriage is one of the most important factors in life in Korea, I don’t think women’s temporary advantages will last for long.

Now we are finally getting into the last part. This Kimchi bitch trend will eventually go away but in my opinion it will last for at least 4 or 5 more years. It may even last for another decade… Anyway, guys who have to date and marry during this period will be fucking frustrated and upset. I’m also around that age. I wondered how I would survive this tide. I think I have some answers now.

I said good opportunies and advanced systems can be completely wasted if the people who take them fail to internalize them. This also goes for men. Korean guys care fucking too much about women’s appearance, right? It is instinctive but it is also primitive to only act according to your instinct. Societies that went through civil and industrial revolutions hundreds of years ago and had enough time to develop modernity don’t obsessively worship physical beauty like us.

Koreans are also very materialistic. On a JTBC TV show, they were asked what parents they would want to have if they were able to be reborn. Regardless of their political orientation, everyone chose Lee Kun-hee [chairman of Samsung Electronics] or Chung Ju-young [former chairman of Hyundai] at the top. They didn’t choose their current parents within the top 3.

This superficiality subjugates you to Kimchi bitches who are also subjugated to men. Those women think their appearance is their wealth. That’s why they think they are gifts to men.

“I’m this pretty and I let you hang out with me. Are you going to make me pay for the date?” “I’m this pretty and I let you have sex with me. Are you not going to give me presents?” “I’m this pretty and I let you marry me. Are you going to ask me to contribute to buying our house?”

If you date a woman only for her appearance, it’s easy to destroy your soul. Also, women’s beauty depreciates over time. It gradually loses its value but your wealth will increase over time. It’s really stupid to only care about beauty. Try to look at her non-physical qualities. Personality, intelligence, talent…

In fact, I once dated a very pretty girl who was out of my league. But she was dumb and hard to communicate with. People around me thought she looked the best among my ex-girlfriends but dating her was the least fun for me… Couples need to communicate well and emotionally connect. Don’t get a full erection only at women’s appearance.

Change your expectations in your partner. You have to adapt to the times. Women’s worth is so inflated now. If you would’ve been able to meet a girl who is an 8 out of 10 in the past, it’s impossible now. 8s are acting like 10s these days. If the woman is really great, why would her man care about something like dividing dating costs? He will even gladly buy a house for her if he really thinks he can’t live without her. However, these days, you have to do all kinds of pussy-sucking just to meet a mediocre woman. You have to treat her like a queen. When a woman doesn’t want to pay for dates or marriage, she uses this excuse.

“You asked me out first, didn’t you? Why don’t you pay for everything?”

That bullshit… Even if a woman likes a guy first, she doesn’t ask him out first. She tries to lead him to ask her out first. Having a pussy is a privilege these days, ke ke. We might as well call it “Botrix”. [boji meaning pussy in Korean + Matrix as in the movie] And then she will be like “Show me how much you love me since you first asked me out!”, ke ke.

Some women around you say marriage is disadvantageous to women, right? That’s bullshit, ke ke ke. What they really mean is that it is unfortunate for women to settle when they could aim for better partners, ke ke. There may be no other democratic industrialized country where women are still obsessed with marriage.

When you date or get married, you gotta give in many things. Don’t be clingy. You know how women try to have the upper hand in a relationship? They say “Let’s break up” more easily than men. Men should change their perspective for dating or marriage. Men should be able to instantly nod when their women say “Let’s break up.”

Women try to play push-and-pull. When your woman pulls you, be pulled towards her but if she pushes you, let yourself be pushed away. Learn to cherish yourself. What if all your women just leave you? Men have to give in for dating or marriage anyway. Stay cool. It’s good if you can eventually work it out with a woman but if not, that’s no problem, too. Give up the perception that a man should have a woman on his arm to not look like a loser. That perception has also been promoted by women.

In a marriage, men are more inclined to want to escape from pressure and restrictions while women tend to feel more secure. Many people make fun of older single men for looking pathetic, right? That is something said mostly by women. Single men can live well, too. Cherish yourself.

Try to suppress your instinct and advance your perspective. Korean women’s worth is already inflated. The pretty ones among them act too cocky. In fact, pretty women with no skills are useless. They are like fucking expensive pieces of junk. Splendid golden poop.

You guys have done group projects at school, right? A couple of female group members might be pretty. (Sorry if you go to an engineering school, idiots.) In many cases, they remain quiet even when asked to give their opinions. They don’t do what they are supposed to do. They don’t listen to the group leader. Have you actually seen any female student in charge of leading her group and doing everything including the final presentation? I go to a so-called prestigious university, but girls here never step forward to give a presentation, too. This girl became a group leader but she even cried because she was worried about giving a presentation.

To such a girl, you should be able to say “You are a fucking pathetic bitch!!” They are literally a splendid piece of poop…However, Korean male bastards are lured to such poop while being oblivious to diamonds… Most guys bullshit like “Do you want me to do it for you? It’s okay. Not your fault” because they want the women to think they’re nice.

Splendid pieces of poop are very pricey. Your soul will be destroyed while trying to please them. On the other hand, non-Kimchified girls who are humble and sensible do exist. If you suppress some of your insticnt, you can definitely find such women. When you can look past physical beauty for inner qualities, you’ve finally “evolved”.

This is speed skater Lee Sang-hwa. [Current world record holder in 500 meters] Can you see the beauty of her thighs?


Three-line summary:

1. The Kimchi bitch phenomenon won’t last long. Young women will have to be prepared for its end.
2. Change your expectations in your partner. You will be able to meet non-Kimchified women.
3. Wise up and see the inner beauty beyond the physical beauty.

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