Netizens Touched by Anti-anti-Korean Protests in Japan


A series of right-wing anti-Korean protests in Japan by far-right group Zaitokukai have been met with protest by another group calling for moderation, MBC News Desk recently reported. The ‘Anti-anti-Korean’ protests impressed Korean netizens, and the following article was one of the most up-voted posts on conservative community Ilbe over the weekend.

From Ilbe:

This is why Japan is an advanced country: An anti-anti-Korean protest squad was launched


They are pissed off at netouyo bitches making trouble with anti-Korean protests in Korea Town [Shin-Okubo].


“Zaitokukai (anti-Korean group), get off.”

Giving a fuck-you right in the faces of anti-Korean protesters.


Giving the finger to the netouyo.


“We are here to protect you. We will never let the right wing protesters come here.”

Assembling at a Korean shop to protect them.


“Let’s get along.”

They pledged to chase down the anti-Korean group Zaitokukai.


“We can’t hold the Olympics with ethnic discrimination. We shouldn’t hold it with such shame.”

He knows ethnic discrimination causes isolation.


Eat this, Zaitokukai fuckers!!


Comforting frightened Koreans.

Three-line summary:
1. Mature
2. Civic
3. Awareness

Comments from Ilbe:


I heard the general public in Japan is ashamed of the netouyo’s anti-Korean protests. I thought they were just saying it but it is real;;


Koreans are interesting. Even when neighbouring monkeys have a hate fest for us, we are just like ‘fuck you Japan, ke ke‘ and that’s it. We don’t go around protesting and scaring Japanese restauranteurs and stuff like that, ke ke. When janggaes went bonkers in our Olympics Park years ago, we just let it slip, ke ke. Are we nice or dumb…


Last year, I visited Dotonbori in Osaka on a trip and after that, I stopped bashing Japan. There was no litter at all on the streets and people were actually fucking kind. Big wigs up there are the problem after all.


Fuck that. Far right-wing prime minister Abe‘s approval rating is like 70%. Those anti-anti-Korean protesters are not pro-Korean. They are lefty commies in Japan. Only an extreme minority of them do this because they like Korea. Most Japanese people support that far right-wing Abe [Japanese P.M.] bitch like mad.

알다리스 [in response to 발도파]:

It seems you are trying to claim supporting Abe means being right-wing but that only shows your ignorance. Who would support the helpless Democratic Party of Japan who ruined Japanese economy with bullshit? On the other hand, isn’t ‘Abenomics‘ enticing? Who would you have voted for? Guys like you usually can’t answer this question.


In fucking shitty Korea, we call the same Koreans in 7 o’clock [Jeolla-do] skate backstabbers and shit. In Japan, there is even a protest against other protesters for bashing a neighboring country that has nothing to do with their daily life. That’s awesome. Great civic awareness.


I hope these Japanese get less affected by Fukushima and live long with good health. Far right-wing monkeys should do forced labor in Fukushima.


I don’t understand why we argue like crazy calling each other nationalist or Japanophile. Any country, any people have both strengths and weaknesses. Why is it being nationalist if we talk about Korea’s good things or Japanophile if we talk about Japan’s good things? We just need to be aware of all.


There are a lot of fucking retards here. Both anti-Korean and anti-anti-Korean protesters are Japanese. I would understand if you just say some sensible people in Japan have mature civic awareness. But what’s with calling Japan ‘Godbon’ [God + ‘bon’ from ‘ilbon’ meaning Japan in Korean]? Crazy bastards.


Objectively speaking, Japanese right-wingers themselves are not wrong but how these anti-Korean protesters behave is wrong. Even if they are called anti-Korean or selfish, they can rightfully pursue Japan’s national interest but those anti-Korean protesters are just rotten. If they hate Korea and want to stomp on us, they are supposed to do activities that are actually beneficial for Japan. They can just work or study hard. But all they do is protesting like feces-making machines. They are not fearful but only pathetic. If I was Japanese, I would dislike the Democratic Party of Japan and brush off the ‘voice of conscience’ but I would still consider those anti-Korean protesters a bunch of retards. What is the point of those anti-Korean protests? Does it improve Japanese economy or technology? Does it make Korea die off? As time passes, Korean electronics technologies have improved and surpassed Japanese companies, which only fuelled their frustrations. What can they do besides protesting? Wouldn’t it be more sane for them to go to the contaminated areas in Fukushima and help clean and restore? If they are true right-wings who care about national interest?


Those bitches who say this is something to learn are fucking pathetic. In Korea, there is no such far right-wing protest in the first place. Even if we fucking dislike Japan, there was never a protest telling Japanese people to get off or die in a Japanese-concentrated district in our history. It is Japan where those extreme racist protests can happen and some sensible Japanese people who got tired of them are opposing them. Japanophiles are praising even this, ke ke.


They are not pro-Korean but anti-racist. There are two Korean online communities that try to understand Japan no matter what bad things they do and suck up to Japan helplessly if there is any hint of self-reflection activities in Japan. Those are DC History Gallery and Ilbe.


You bring up a fucking minority of the minority groups and praise their ‘mature civic awareness’, ke ke. ‘Japanophile Storage’ as usual, ke ke. Why don’t you just go shout ‘banzai’, you Japanophile bitches, ke ke. The social status of the anti-anti-Korean protesters? They are like less than those bitches who voted for Heo Kyung-young in the 17th presidential election, ke ke ke ke.


There is nothing good about having bad relations with Japan. Honestly, if you think about it, there’s no reason to argue emotionally too much. Since we are neighboring countries, it is only natural that conflicts of interest occur between us but we don’t have to take it too dramatically. Territorial disputes exist not just between Korea and Japan but all around the world. Japan is one of the countries where we can learn much from and the general public is friendly. We can ignore Japanese far right-wings who go apeshit and just need to promote friendship with normal people.


That’s why Japan is an advanced country? What bullshit. Completely normal fellows are just worried that Zaitokukai‘s retarded act is beyond any comprehension and it would make Japan look bad. So they are trying to catch those crazy monkeys who escaped the zoo. What’s so great about it that you guys put it on such a pedestal? Are you guys on Japanophile crack as a group?

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