Man Tries to Take Advantage of Drunk Girl on Seoul Subway


Line 2 of the Seoul Metro is notorious for sexual harassment, particularly during commuting hours. According to police reports, there have apparently been 2,075 cases committed on the line since 2008, many of which involve drunken victims.

The following video was recorded by a passenger who happened to see one of those cases on a Line 2 train. Netizen comments mostly criticise both the molester, but also accuse the woman of not properly defending herself.

From Naver:

Transcript of video:

00:26AM, 27th Nov.2012
– A drunken man and a woman in her twenties got on the train at Hongdae station, Line 2. I started taping them because I was suspicious about the fact the man was so close to the woman, even though there were plenty of seats available.

– 5 minutes on, he started sexually harassing her.

– She rejects him

– He touches her again.

– He glances at her in case she’s noticing anything.

– There were plenty of seats he could choose.

– He glances at her again.

– He’s blatantly making an inappropriate physical contact toward her.

– Some might even assume them as a couple.

– Edited some due to the size limit

– I decide to intervene.

– “Do you know this guy?”

– “No!”

– “Come this way please.”

– They sit separately until we arrived to the destination of the train, Seongsu station (00:53AM)

From Ilbe:


He’s got a nice voice ke ke ‘Do you know this guy? Come this way.’


She’s just scared, pretending to sleep. The old bastard wanted to take advantage of her, but he wasn’t bold enough to go further than leaning on her, afraid of other people in the train.


The guy seems drunk or has some mental disabilities ke ke


She’s such a stupid bitch. She should’ve moved to a different carriage. Anyway, it’s nice of him to record this.


For me, only with regards to his appearance, the guy’s facial features somehow look like that of someone with a disability, or those of a homeless guy.


Look at him recording the whole incident ke ke We should do the same to defend ourselves in similar circumstance, in case Kimchi girls turn around and sue us.


Didn’t he upload this video just because he got angry that the old man interrupted his secret attempt to record the view up her skirt?


That old man seems to have some mental issues; he’s too obviously harassing her… The girl should’ve moved her seat earlier, why didn’t she move? There were some other guys to ask for help, and she could’ve done something about the situation.


Both of them deserve to die, that old bastard and that girl who doesn’t even know her own limit with alcohol.


That bitch seems to be enjoying it; why doesn’t that saekki mind his own business? ke ke She must’ve felt fucking embarrassed when he asked ‘Do you know this guy?’


Is that really sexual harassment? It looks more like he’s using her as a pillow.


What if the guy who uploaded this video was actually trying to voyeur-cam her?


What I don’t understand is why the fuck was she sitting there? There were so many empty seats! ㅅㅂ


The video makes my stomach turn. But fuck, I’m not gonna help those kinds of girls. What if the guy stabs me and her, then leaves me alone to bleed? I’m the only loser in such a case.


That molester saekki seems to be struggling so hard between his evil-self and good-self. He looks like talking to himself, ‘No, no I shouldn’t..’ But then his evil-self wins over…


That bitch is as pathetic as that drunken saekki feeling up a girl his daughter’s age. How much alcohol did she pour in to be that clueless when this guy was leaning on her? Is she just too poor to pay for a taxi? Or is this some sort of set-up to sue him when the comes? She should’ve either moved seats or defended herself once she woke up.


Is getting as wasted as her worth such a risk? Tsk tsk I’m sorry to say this, but that’s an open invitation for rape and sexual harassment.


Why did she just stay there, even though this guy’s trying to touch her? Ke ke ke


I wouldn’t have helped her. I wonder what would’ve happened if he had helped her from the start, but doing so without evidence could’ve put him in trouble.. He should’ve helped her earlier, though.


Hey, how can that constitute sexual harassment? He’s just trying to sleep, why are you guys going overboard?

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