DNA Analysis Confirms Japanese Are of Korean Descent

Migration route into Japan

From Yonhap News:

Japanese Researchers Prove Mixed Ancestry Hypothesis After DNA Analysis 

The present day Japanese are the mixed descendants of the archipelago’s earliest settlers Jomon-jin and the late-comers Yayoi-jin who crossed the strait from the Korean peninsula, according to a genetic analysis. The researchers from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies [Sokendai] of Kanagawa prefecture [Japan] published the results of their findings in the Journal of Human Genetics on November 1st.


This research further confirms previous research findings by analysing over 900,000 DNA mutations per person, significantly improving the robustness of the result. The researchers focused on a population sample of 460 from Kanto, mainland Chinese, European descendants, in addition to another 71 Ainus and Okinawans. The result shows the present-day Japanese are the inter-marriage between the earlier settlers and later-comers. This confirms the the ‘mixed-blood’ ancestry hypothesis.


Jomon VS Yayoi

The Ainus were closest to the native Okinawans and less so to the Kanto population. The Kanto population displayed the most genetic resemblance to Koreans. Until now, there have been a number of theories postulating on the origin of the Japanese, first of which was the Jomon dispersal-adaptation hypothesis, the displacement by the Yayoi population on the Jomon population, and the mixed-blood ancestry between the Jomon and the Yayoi.


Traditional Image of Jomon and Yayoi

Sokedai’s professor Saito Naruya confirmed that the finding matched the mixed-blood ancestry hypothesis  The researchers plan to conduct further DNA sample analysis from the bones recovered from the Jomon burial sites.

Comments from Daum:


Unacceptable. If there is any Korean genes there, they wouldn’t be like that


No no, the ruling class are Korean, and the ruled are Japanese. Their king is also Korean. That’s not what they want to admit.


So how come they evolved to be so mean?


So Korea and Japan are same ethnicity and same nation? ke ke, Korea is the closest ethnicity to Japanese!! So we are brothers! ke ke, well we are enemies but still share the same ancestry!! Or close relatives, but Korean people always mock them as monkeys and make fun of their looks… That’s just spitting in own our face ke ke ke Koreans are only hurting themselves ke ke


Our nation is the same ethnicity as the cancer of the world, quite unpleasant…


Ah…. That’s why I seem to feel not so distant to the Japanese women in my computer~ ke ke


Very unpleasant –


If that’s what they got for mixing with us… their indigenous population… could not have been human..


It’s all our fault… We spread our seeds there… *cough*..~!!


The Baekje folks who got crushed by the Tang army fled to Japan, that’s why the Japanese emperor called himself the descendant of Baekje. This is also why they are scheming and never trust-worthy ke ke


As far as I am concerned they are mixed between the Okinawans and local monkeys.


The reason why the Korean wave is so popular in Japan is precisely because of this. In their DNAs is the idea that ‘whatever came from Korea is superior’ for thousands of years and passed down to the present day. It’s a natural reaction. The Japanese invasions of Korea in 1592 was all about stealing our pottery, artistic and intellectual achievements. Their present economic downfall could be attributed to the fact that they have not been able to steal anything from us for the last 70 years, and could not produce anything new.


Japan was founded by those who lost the power game in the Korean peninsular (Baekje, Kokuryo, Gaya…), so that’s why they are always hateful toward us. They would eliminate every one of us here and take over our land [if they could]

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  • ignorant immigrant

    people need to stop the hating between the asian people. I’m half korean and half japanese. instead we need to focus on conquering all white people

  • Danny

    Koreans are too arrogant to admit that they are like the japanese. So what? Chinese also shares the same ancestry. Wake up koreans and stop being such pathetic haters!

  • Guanyulin

    Fucking gooks are arrogant pathetic bastards.

  • JustSomeDude

    There you have it kids. All humanity is one. Now learn to get along and stop hating each other.

  • LordInit

    I’m sick of explaining this to people but again, there is a difference between the PHYSICAL POPULATION and CULTURE!! The Korean language and culture is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from Japanese though physically there is a close kinship. This is because the Korean Peninsula though inhabited by Japonic Yayoi ancestors was CONQUERED by ancestral Koreans who came from further north! This is supported by Chinese records and hinted at by Korean records.

    The irony is that just like the Japanese, the Koreans are under the delusion that their country has always been ethnically homogeneous and are in denial about the indigenous culture that existed in the peninsula! They don’t want to admit that just as the Japanese have committed cultural genocide against the Jomon/Ainu peoples, the Koreans are also guilty of cultural genocide against the Nipponic-Yayoi peoples of the peninsula by Koreanization!

  • Korean and Japanese

    This is a good comparison of the appearances for 14 to 15 year olds of both countries. This way, there’s no questions or charges of plastic surgery. The Yellow team is the Japanese team, the Red team is the Korean team. The red team (Koreans) look a head taller, sharper faces, with better looking body proportions with number of them already 180cm tall. The Japanese kids in comparison, look like short, stumpy, with no necks, barely 170cm tall. Also the Japanese team have much more darker faces.

    Pay particular attention around, 0.05 of this video.


    Whoever says Koreans and Japanese look alike are completely wrong.

  • KP1North1KP

    Korean genes are 02b. 99.9 percent of Japanese have Korean 02b.

  • beccasan

    Listen, to all who are arguing/saying negative things about Chinese, Koreans, or Japanese:

    My grandmother was a Japanese woman who married an American solider stationed in Japan after WWII. I know that my people did terrible, unspeakable things during WWII. And I know that the Japanese must apologize in a more sincere manner, stop visiting shrines with war criminals (or maybe keep the shrines but remove the war criminals from them), etc. (and Korea and China, in turn, should stop using anti-Japanese sentiment as a political strategy). Now, 2 generations later, though, my cousins are marrying Koreans and Filipinos–we love and respect other Asian cultures now (at least, in America…I don’t know about how things are back in Asia…probably not as good). The point is, it is possible for us to move on.

    But let us, after apologies are given and forgiveness granted, try to move on as a group. East Asia could be so strong if we all worked together! Besides, as I’ve said, I think we can work to rejoice in our cultural similarities (I know in Japan we have many unique things but a lot of our culture is a “daughter” of the Chinese or Korean innovations, like the writing system, Buddhism, etc!) and appreciate our differences by loving diversity!

    Like, now my family eats bulgolgi with our sushi–we are better together ;) I even remember my grandma Sako talking about how much she respected and admired Chinese culture. So I want to say, I love you, Korea and China, and I hope someday after reconciliation happens (on more than just an economic level) we will be wonderful partners <3 Now, enjoy this beautiful song as sakura season comes up; a time for appreciating nature's beauty!

    P.S. I LOVE Korean boys :D hahahaha

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